Fiori etruschi

We create floral arrangements for events such as weddings, private dinners and press days. Our experience in the design sector will allow us to create the right atmosphere for your every event

We choose plants, flowers, fruit and colors respecting nature and seasonality.
For us it is important to listen to the client and his expectations. Through an initial briefing we will be able together to develop a unique project tailored to your needs. Our work is made of creativity and listening, we weave flowers grown in Italy, the spontaneous ones and your vision for your special day.

Fiori Etruschi

Our experience in Design will allow you to create the right atmosphere for your Event We tell you how ...


We will talk to each other by telephone, by e-mail and, where possible, also in person to better understand your tastes and expectations.


We will create a tailor-made project for you with professionalism, creativity and details that will not go unnoticed


With craftsmanship and innovation we will create the settings we have designed for you in the locations you have chosen

What is included in our services

We will make an inspection in the locations you have chosen in order
to create an installation suitable for spaces and settings

Through an initial briefing we will understand your tastes and your dreams.

After having received our first Proposal we will have the opportunity by call or email to fine-tune our final project for you

We will create for you a detailed Proposal with many proposals.

We will study the theme, style, colors and design of the exhibition